Solutions to Streamline Workflow and Increase Productivity

Constant change in technology, security and compliance requirements, combined with an ever-increasing number of cyber security point products, creates a major challenge for cyber analysts to remain productive. Our Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions are designed to help cyber analysts streamline data aggregation workflow, and increase analytical and response productivity.

Most organizations, including Security Operations Centers (SOCs), make use of multiple cyber security point products. As a result, cyber analysts must become proficient at gathering information for analysis from all of these different tools, organizing that information to determine a response solution, and storing that information for future historical analysis.

Our SOAR solutions manage complex event processing, allowing organizations to integrate many different cyber security point products into a single system-of-systems. Cyber security point products such as ArcSight, Splunk, Solera, and Fidelis are integrated using existing API’s. 

As cyber security tools generate cyber events and other related information, our SOAR solutions aggregate data across point solutions in an automated and autonomous fashion, saving the analyst the time and effort necessary to visit each point solution. Data for a given cyber event can be collected, collated, and then delivered to a target database solution providing the cyber analyst with a single integrated location to perform analysis, and solve the problem at hand.

In addition to information aggregation, our SOAR solutions are used to instantly automate cyber playbook activity so that immediate action can be taken when a cyber security attack is encountered, obviating the need for immediate cyber analyst involvement.

By deploying an integrated application architecture that allows components to talk to each other via messaging rather than API calls, our solutions create a very robust and non-fragile architecture that just works. When a cyber security point product needs to be upgraded or replaced, the messaging infrastructure is updated or removed for that application.